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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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third run for democratic nomination. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live in wilmington tonight with reaction to biden's announcement, rahel? >> reporter: natasha and ukee, good evening. well, with the filing deadline just weeks away we were expecting an announcement any day now. today vice-president joe biden announced that he did in the do it for personal reason but maybe he just waited a little bit too long. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time. >> reporter: after months of speculation, the wait is over, wednesday afternoon, vice-president joe biden, answered once and for all the looming question of whether he will run. biden says that his family had been taking time to grief the death of his son beau who died in may of brain cancer. while ready for a run now he just said it ties late. >> it may very well be that process by the time we get through it, closes the the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president.
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that it might close. i concluded that it has closed. >> i think emotionally it would have been very difficult for him to have given it his all, just as a human being. >> i think it is good for him. >> reporter: at the rose garden biden spoke about issues important to him like public education, affordable child care and work ago cross party lines. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our even miss. they are opposition, they are not our enemies. >> reporter: having spent 36 years in the u.s. senate and two terms as vice-president, bunch of biden's life has been in public service. yet he insists he is not finished. >> but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be cile event. >> coming up at 6:00, the one thing vice-president biden says that he still wants to do, what he hopes to be remembered as doing, also, we spoke to wilmington city council president and why his announcement came a as a complete shock.
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reporting live from wilmington rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. democratic front runner hillary clinton could have the most to gain from biden's decision. latest national poll shows that her lead over bernie sanders, senator bernie sanders, jumped to a 25-point margin when biden is taken out of the mix. stay with "eyewitness news" every step of the way as we cover campaign 2016, you can get very latest any time at cbs well, breaking right now authorities provide an update on the mysterious death of the three-year old brendan korean at -- creato. there is no evidence of forced entry in the child's coupe are street home. creato was found dead near his home after being reported missing last week. investigators also say there was no indication that the boy was sexually assaulted. anyone with any information about the case is asked to contact the police. well, trash talk after monday night's eagles game turns violent, a giants fan was knocked out by another man
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and the entire confrontation was captured on camera. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is at the 69th street station in upper darby where police are looking for the people involved, walt. >> reporter: ukee, all of the battling wasn't just on the field between the giants and the eagles, a brawl in the early morning hours, here in the 69th street terminal, caught on video. and septa police now are hoping that if you look at that video, you'll help identify those involved. septa video shows a lone new york giants fans wearing eli manning's number ten, surrounded by eagles green as he exits an el train heading back from monday night's game, but soon, flying words, give way to flying fists, as they helped through the 69th street terminal. >> it appeared to be that he was hit several times and those punches in the facial area which could substantial damage. >> reporter: septa police captain darryl jones says while the video clearly shows a brawl the identities of
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those involved, including the phone video shoot her who could be a valuable witness remain a mystery. we do not know the the identity of the victim nor do we know the identity of the person who posted it on facebook. >> started off with nothing good happens after midnight, that that is very, very first thing. >> reporter: upper darby police superintendent mike chitwood whose officers are assisting septa says that based on what he has seen it might be difficult to determine who is responsible. >> i don't see anything even if we were able to identify anything because it looked like a mutual combatant. >> reporter: septa says even if no one comes forward to be identified or file a complaint, charges could still be filed based on the video. >> this is a perfect example of the kind of behavior we cannot have have happen on our subway systems. >> reporter: by way of the warning septa says officers routinely assigned here also are a aboard trains, buses and other buses after football
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games. they worn that what you see in that video will not be tolerated. we will have more at 6:00. live from 69th street, walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. now, another beautiful day out there as our fall warm up, continues. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the skies deck with the first look at this beautiful forecast. you've got the best spot out there, kate. >> this is kind of day you want to drag a lawn chair out here and maybe have dinner outside, but a great afternoon it has turned out to be. nice and warm, not too hot for this time of the year but definitely well above average. we have another warm day on the way, and if you are miss ago this october chill we saw last week even, more of that is in the forecast. lets take a quick look outside to storm scan three and seeing not much of anything out the side but a few showers drifting to the north. that denotes boundary between warm air to the south and cool air to the north and we're firmly in the the warm air mass. seventy-four in philadelphia. seventy-three in reading. seventy-four in allentown. all across northeast 70's but
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heading up toward albany it is only 68 degrees there and much cold's across northern new england. we're in the good spot. first forecast, keeps us in the 60's, clear skies, it will cool off, not as cold as early weeknights were but it will drop down to the lower 50's overnight. warm for now. tomorrow temperatures head back to the mid 70's but then a dip in the mercury will take us back below average as we head toward weekend. we will have more and next chance for showers in the forecast coming up when i join you inside. for now, back over to you. well, is pope francis ill? vatican is up in arms over a report that claims pope francis has a brain tumor but italian newspaper that released the information is standing by its story. correspondent jonathan vigliotti reports new from london. >> reporter: the vatican is denying this italian head line claiming pope francis is sick with a brain tumor. >> the news of the pope's health condition is totally unfounded. it is a, totally irresponsible act of the italian news agency
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that released this. >> reporter: news report says a brain cancer specialist diagnosed the pope with a small dark spot on his brain, that could be treated, without surgery. the papers stand by the story and says that the doctor and his team, secretly flew to the vatican to examine pope francis, several months ago. chief vatican spokesmen father lombardi insists medical exam described in the italian paper never took place. he says no doctor came to the vatican, unless he was a ghost because no one saw him. vatican officials pointed to the pope's recent trip to cuba and u.s. of the evidence of the 78 year-old's vitality. they say pope francis is in operation mal health and only has a small problem with his legs. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". newspaper's editor says publications deliberated a long time before printing the news which it said it had confirmed months ago, natasha.
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heroic actions by four public servants saved a man's life overnight. chopper three over the 1800 block of taylor street in north philadelphia where a home was engulfed in flames. crews hosed down that house three police officers and one fire fighter were treated for injuries. they were receiving during their brave action toss save a man's life. >> they were heroes. everybody responded, acted with a lot of courage and they were able to save the resident of this property, and things could have been worse because this house was fully engulfed with flames, and smoke. >> although the the police officers were overcome with smoke and had to leave the home, fire fighters did rescue the man just a short time later. the camden police department gets a big upgrade. >> a brand new state of the art, center has opened for the crime scene unit, the equipment the center will help police process information faster. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones gets an exclusive tour.
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>> welcome. >> this is where all guns are kept. >> reporter: what used to take days can be now done in hours. >> part of this everything went to the state police. it will come right off the street from the crime scene, packaged and then taking to the state police. >> reporter: many different wave lengths to detect fingerprints is a an example of is what possible in the newly established processing unit in the camden county police department. >> these are guns cops get confronted with on the street. >> yes. >> what are some of the guns we have here what types. >> basically we're looking the arrival, shotguns, semi autos. >> reporter: quick glance of the amount of guns in the evidence room here indicates that there are plenty of people armed with bad intentions and a new upgrade to the crime scene unit here which cbs-3 was given exclusive access to will help police process information at a much faster rate. >> we're seeing suspects who may be interrogated. we have this information, should the detectives, and that is more for them to work with. >> there is no better equipment out there.
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>> reporter: firearms commissioner sal depaula, shows how similar markings and shell casings can be tied back to the same gun. >> why should criminals be scared of you what you are doing here. >> because we could have link two crimes together that would have never been link before. >> reporter: and hope here that the upgrade will lead to quicker arrests as opposed to allow criminals to wander the street as potential evidence is still being processed. reporting live from camden, new jersey, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right todd, thanks for that. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a daring leap of faith when a sailor jumped on holding on to his cast. see more of the video when we come back. new reason to eat a mediterranean style diet we will tell you what it can do for your brain power. october 21st, 2015, it is back to the future day. and for our vittoria woodill the future is a lot of fun, torey? >> reporter: is what more fun then a night out at the movies?
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well, maybe reliving part of the movie history. that is right today's date we are going back to the future, so grab your popcorn, your soda and your high tops it is time to take a ride in the delauren
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take a look at the this video from the coastguard a boater, makes a daring escape as giant waves, ape sail boat off the coast of a last contact you can see them holding on to the front of the boat with the rescue ship close by. when time was right the man jump topped safety with his cat talked inside his clothes. we understand both of them are reportedly doing well. wow. you say it is october 21st, 2015 and if you are a fan of the back of the future series, then you probably know, the date. >> yes, it is the date marty mcfly traveled 30 years in the future to save his children. the bryn mawr film institute is holding a special screening of the film tonight and vittoria woodill is their life to tell you more bit, hey, torey. >> reporter: hi ukee and natasha. we are live in bryn mawr right outside the the beautiful bryn mawr film institute and you will notice the lights are on, fleek right now as we wait for the feature to begin, 275 seats are already sold out to take a glimpse back into the
5:15 pm
future, if you will at back to the future two, where today makes the day back to the future day. if you are unfamiliar with the movie, ukee just prefaced it a little bit but marty mcfly travels into dock's tripped out delorean to take a trip in the future to save his future kid. the movie is awesome. we all remember it. we all remember as 80's babies or at least some of us how iconic it was and how iconic it is today. now there are lots of people ready to celebrate. i'm getted exciting with my popcorn, candy and high tops and to give us in more information on the significance of today's date and some of the predictions that the movie got right about today, it is i would like to say a back to the future expert, valerie but this is valerie temple. the director of programming for bryn mawr film institute. thanks so much for having us. >> thank you for having me. i'm very excited about today. i have been waiting for this forever since i was a little kid. >> reporter: you are a back to the future expert. what are some things folks are
5:16 pm
expecting today. >> well, we are going to have, the movie will be at 7:00 p.m. but things will really start around 6:00 o'clock. we have a delorean out front that people can have their pictures taken from front of. we will have a give away, sunglasses, all sorts of the fun giveaways and we are having a trivia contest, costume contest, free popcorn, if you arrive in costume. there is all sorts of great stuff. >> reporter: i can't wait to see how these people get tripped out. >> yes, it will be amazing. >> i'm wearing an outfit right now, 1955, i went in the past, not the future. >> i like how you are living the theme here. >> i'm going for it. >> reporter: well, one of the things that the movie went for back then is to predict things in the future and they got some right especially whoever board. >> we cannot buy them at the store yet but they are being made, and that is so exciting. >> yes. i was running around trying to
5:17 pm
find a skateboard. i could not find a whoever board landing for a kid but maybe one of the customs would be floating around. >> there will be props that would be useful. >> reporter: while we're waiting for movie to start back to you guys in the studio and me and valerie here will finish off this popcorn. >> you got it. >> all right. >> popcorn and m and m. >> put goobers in there too. >> yes, indeed. >> that looks so good. >> yes. >> pretty day to go cruising around in the delorean. >> or a whoever board. >> yes. >> why not. beautiful day outside. doesn't really feel like late october should feel. >> not at all. >> we're not complaining about that.t at all. we're well above average. it feels like late september outside and we have got one more warm day and then if you are looking for more october chill in the air we have got that for the end of the week. we will start off with the look outside the weather window and go down the shore. things are looking nice in ocean city right now. no problems there we have got
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clear skies, blue skies across the the a area today. it has been just beautiful, great day to be out and about and didn't need coat or gloves, you had to bring them out monday and then stash them away for a few days, at least until cooler weather works its way back in this weekend or perhaps next week. ocean city looking great and lets look at storm scan three which is similarly nice outside. skies are clear all across the delaware valley. no problems out there as we zoom out. we will see, kind of of division, delineation between little boundary producing a few showers toward upstate new york. to the north that is cool, to the south, it is very warm and that is how it will stay through tomorrow. a look at one of our live neighborhood network sites a sure sight in rehoboth beach, looks great at 68 degrees at the moment. no problems again a great day to be out and about. temperatures are in the 70's in much of the area cooler in south jersey in the upper 60's there. forty-seven in philadelphia. seventy-four in allentown. 73 degrees in reading which feels nice, normal highs
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should be in the mid 60's. we will take it. practically perfect day. we will check our boxes and lets see what we have got. sunny skies. warm temperatures, yes. low humidity and light wind not all that breezy today either. so all of the things that make for a perfect day we have got them all lined up today. future weather shows things stay clear through tomorrow, and most of the day. tomorrow evening here's the clouds that come through and that is our cold front and our change maker. watch what happens tomorrow afternoon wind southeasterly. they will speed up in the afternoon. the breezy but that is a warm breeze but later tomorrow night wind switch and we will start to get northwest low and on friday wind northwest all day. watch what had does to the temperatures. tomorrow's temperatures head to the mid 70es a. friday after that front comes through temperatures drop to the 40's by friday morning and don't recover, in fact, some spots could stay in the 50's all day long, on friday which will feel a whole lot cooler the past few days have felt. mainly clear low in the 50's. tomorrow sun, some clouds,
5:20 pm
warm and pleasant more than 10 . cloud will come in the afternoon as that cold front approaches. you're witness weather three day forecast does show impact of that front from 76 tomorrow to friday a's cooler high of just 62 degrees in the city. some spots only in the 50's. saturday, partly to mostly sunny, cool again but 63 is actually pretty seasonal for mid to late objecting. it is not a bad start to the weekend. we may have some rain this weekend and we will tell but that next half an hour. >> that is great, yeah. >> thanks, very much. stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news" cutting the cord with your cable service, three on your side with the trend that allowing more and more people to save money while keeping their favorite shows. you're looking for the ultimate thrill this halloween don't get scared, get even, i'll take to you a farm where you can shoot zombies with
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because it works for our patients.
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here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at good news for sports fans,
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is there now a museum, exhibit dedicated to philly sports. "eyewitness news" at the franklin institute, new sports zone, it includes both interactive experiences such as high jumps and pitching cage and showcases hometown sports favorite. it is an exhibit that opens to the public saturday, the first 500 get in for free. that looks like a great time. >> a lot of fun. >> just over a week away from halloween and many around our region are getting ready with some spooky activity. >> yes. here is the the first zombie paint ball, can you believe it? new jersey reporter cleve bryan is giving it a try today. he is live in mullica with all of the fun out there. hey, cleve. >> it is one of the biggest haunt add trackses you'll find in the delaware valley a and here when you get scared because monsters come out they have a ride where you can actually do something about it. by day it is cute kid and pumpkin picking at creamy acres mullica.
5:25 pm
but, by night, get ready for zombies. this zombie through their haunting and slide with the half inch of foam because in the cornfield is here visitors can fight back. today we have a behind the scenes look at hottest new attraction the the creamy acres night of terror haunted paint back hey ride. >> everybody wants to shoot a zombie or do something so we figure let's shoot paint balls at them. >> reporter: ron and his team designed the equipment mounted paint ball guns and special glow in the dark paint balls. you start the ride with target practice, at stationary and automated zombies. and then get ready for real life interacting. >> once you start seeing zombies out there pull that trigger and don't let go. it is blast away at zombies as they bob and move
5:26 pm
their way toward you. >> they've got some moves back there. >> this is awesome. >> here's what it looks like from their perspective. so what does it feel like. >> like getting a needle at first you get used to it after a while. >> that hard. >> yes. >> believe it or not they say they do have fun and, of course, so dot customers. >> they are all getting off, they are laughing, they are kidding around i got that zombie, i killed that zombie, i got it. it is an excellent fun time is what it is. >> reporter: i'll be honest that was a blast. if you want to get in on the action it is $25 this weekend, and it will be an absolutely huge weekend for them. they expect big crowds but there are plenty of opportunities for people to have fun. reporting live from mullica, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that looks like a good time. >> pretty cool. >> remind me of the night of the living dead back in the day did you ever see the original in black and white no you better check that out. >> yes. >> just in time for halloween.
5:27 pm
get on it. coming up in the neck half an hour, the the the researchers that die say can keep your brain healthy while you age. secret to long happy marriage is what? we have asked couples renewing their vowels many of after 60 years together again. some eagles players are going back to the future with whoever boards i'm pat gallon, coming up i'll show you how bird are getting around. new at 6:00 it is a fall favorite for many people who visit local farms and orchards and tonight a warning about carmel apples and how they can actually make you sick, that is new coming um at 6:00.
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รณ so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i'm ukee washington. here's is what happening after months of deliberating vice-president joe biden announce today he is not running for president in 2016. by up says time has run out to mount a winning campaign for
5:31 pm
the democratic nomination. the vatican, shares a report that the pope has a brain tumor, it is totally unfounded and seriously irresponsible. this comes after an italian newspaper says pope francis saw a brain cancer specialist. police officers risk their lives overnight to save a man trapped in the burning home in north philadelphia. those officers and a fire fighter were taken to the hospital with minor injuries but were able to free the the man from the blaze. kate? and our stretch of the great weather, continues today as temperatures climbed in the middle 70's, we've got one more workday on the way and it does turn noticeably cooler by friday and we are tracking a chance for a few showers this weekend especially sunday morning. we will have more on that and what to expect next week coming up in a few minutes, natasha. >> kate, thanks very much. house republicans may soon get their new speaker, a vote is scheduled for next week. congressman paul ryan says he will take the job but only if his demand are met. correspondent craig boswell is in washington with the very
5:32 pm
latest. >> reporter: house republicans members arrived foreclosed door date to hammer out who is going to be their next speaker of the house. >> if it is not paul ryan it is a disaster. >> reporter: congressman paul ryan said he changed his mind and will run for the position but only if everyone agrees. >> we as a conference should unify now and not after divisive speaker election. >> reporter: hard line republicans may not yet be on board, house freedom caucus, the the group that pushed john boehner into retirement still has to decide if it will support ryan. >> he clearly doesn't want to do the job and wants to be drafted and here's a list of demand. i want a speaker who serves the membership, not the other way around. >> reporter: freedom caucus members have gained power by showing an unwillingness to compromise but ryan says republicans need to do more than just block legislation. >> we need to move from an opposition party to being a proposition party. >> reporter: some democrats are signing off on ryan.
5:33 pm
>> 's peers to be one of the people that would be reasonable. >> reporter: ryan says if he doesn't get support from house republicans by friday then he will back out of the race. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the city of new york is mourning after a police officer is killed in the line of duty. officer randolph holder was chasing a gunman in east harlem when he was shot and killed. suspect identified as tie roane howard is in custody gunshot wound to the head. holder, was a third generation law enforcement official. authorities in st. louis hope a reward for information will lead them to a suspected arsonist targeting churches. six have burned between october 8th and 18th. police say all of them are within a few miles of each other and five have predominantly black congregations. federal authorities are helping with the investigation. new at 5:30 they just won't leave the nest, more and more are living at home these days with their parents, according to a new report. >> we are talking about young
5:34 pm
adults born after 1980. eye witt the necessary news reporter greg argos tells us why. >> we're number one in too many things. >> reporter: not often those in new jersey don't want to be first in something. >> we're most expensive stays in the state. number one state for highest property taxes. and those are, big issues. >> reporter: the americans important prosperity said they lead to one staggering statistic. 48 percent of the millennialness new jersey, those 18 to 34, still live with their parents. the highest percent in the nation. >> if you look back to our parents generation, people got kicked out of the house. they could afford a mortgage. it is just not doable these days. >> reporter: with the tough job market she was part of the group until recently. >> basically got married a few weeks ago and moving everything out but it is hard. >> what wasn't hard was finding others that are in that same situation. do you guys still live with your parents.
5:35 pm
>> yes, at home. >> you live at home. what about you. >> yes, in mize hometown i do. i can't afford to live on my own. >> reporter: it is not just economy that is keeping the the group of new jersians in bedrooms next to their parents. ask any millennial here in new jersey searching for housing and they will tell you cost of living here is extremely expensive as well. >> that is why i'm living in pennsylvania probably. >> just way too expensive to in the live at home. i will probably live at home until my parents kick me out honestly. >> reporter: or until millennials living with mom and dad have had enough home life. >> my husband and i would like to travel and also enjoy our lives. >> and, i will be moving out eventually. i don't plan on staying there a long time. >> reporter: in new jersey greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more than 1,000 years of marriage combined, that is 21 local couples renewed their vows today. each couple has been married an average of 60 years. the inter faith ceremony took place at paul's run in northeast philadelphia "eyewitness news" spoke to the
5:36 pm
couples including the longest married, and asked what is the secret. >> stay together and be considerate of each other is the main thing. >> the best thing to love one another and communicate with one another. don't hold anything back. >> be happy, talk to each other, don't go to bed angry, without saying good night and i love you wonderful advice. part of the festivities is a display of photos that documented the couple's original wedding day. congratulations. >> beautiful. no more baseball, beneath ben franklin bridge. camden river sharks have seized operation. the independent team played at campbell's field for the past 15 years but the club, however, says it was una able to reach a lease agreement at the ballpark which is owned by camden county improvement authority. there is no word whether the river sharks will move elsewhere. >> or toy hear that. >> yes. >> stay with us, everyone, still to come, are you ready to just cut the cable tv cord?
5:37 pm
well, if that is the case you are not alone. three on your side jim donovan will have more on a growing trend of tv watchers saving money without giving up their favorite shows, don. it is marty mcfly can do it so can your philadelphia eagles. it is back to the future day in south philadelphia, that story coming up later in sports.
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch new research says following mediterranean diet could slow down effects of aging on your brain. study out of columbia university found eating more fish, vegetables, fruits, grains and less saturated fatty acids, meat and dairy,
5:41 pm
might help people lose fewer brain cells as they get older. doctors monitored diets of nearly 700 people with an average age of 80. they say adding five mediterranean foods to your diet may equal five fewer years of brain shrinkage. that is "eyewitness news" marks 50 years we are looking back at memorable moments, baseball's chase for pennant is in full swing but it was 35 years ago when philadelphia was right at the center of it all, october 21st, 1980, do you remember this scene, yeah. tug mcgraw threw game winning strike for phillies to bring philadelphia its first world series win. phillies won four-one in game six. fans went wild, across the city. of course, fill boys win a second world series title until 2008. you got a belief we will return to those days. we will be right back. sports coming up.
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the the film came out you were like, yeah, yeah. >> i was probably about yah high. >> i was... don't even go there. >> you don't want to know.
5:45 pm
>> yes, i was. >> yes. >> good personality good sense of humor. future is now for philadelphia eagles, the kind of day that would make marty mcfly and cock brown proud. our pat gallon has more from south philadelphia. >> we're here. we've finally entered the future. today is back to the future day october 21st , 2015, it is the day marty mcfly traveled to in back to the future one. if you grew up with the 1989 classic you would have thought we would have flying cars by now or at least cubs would win the world series, but, is there one thing, whoever boards, kind of. whoever boost imitates whoever board but it still has wheels and wouldn't you know it but several philadelphia eagles use it to rome around the novacare complex and they let me try it out. i'm pat gallon with tray burton on the whoever board. hopefully i don't fall off and bust my butt. so far so good. >> yes. >> i'm doing it. >> you line forward and you lean backward to shift
5:46 pm
backward to go back wards. >> it is almost snow board nothing a sense. >> some take them out in the practice facility occasionally. >> i did take it out,. >> how was it. >> it was good. >> but not everyone is into it. >> brandon graham says is there something holding him back as well. >> this season is very important to me and i would be dam that thing hurt me. rye now we got a championship we are trying to get and shoot i would hate to have tell fans that is why i am in the playing. >> reporter: so i'm clearly no marty mcfly and i do agree with graham, no broken bones and black eyes for me. from the present at the novacare complex, pat gallon "eyewitness sports". >> pat comes back and said i can't work for a week, i fell off. >> does jeffery lurie approve those things. >> they ride them in the
5:47 pm
facility, man. >> they are pretty cool though. >> yes. >> hook you up. >> no worries. >> next story. >> no time soon. >> whoever board injury they wouldn't believe you. >> yes, right. >> yeah, yeah, whatever you say. kate has your weather forecast. >> we've got beautiful weather right now outside our studios and across the area been a fantastic day and great stretch. lets look at outdoors and we will see a look right outside our studios, center city from the cbs-3 sky campaign it looks beautiful. clear skies, sunset colors already creeping into the the sky right now. we are seeing that sunset earlier and earlier and ill will's tell you what in less than two weeks we have sunset times in the 4:00 o'clock hour as daylight savings time comes to an a end november 1st. the morning after halloween which is good news if you have party plans to get an extra hour of sleep but it will get dark at 4:59 p.m. that is sunset time, on sunday november 1st. eyewitness weather watchers are climbing in with great
5:48 pm
temperatures across the delaware valley, new jersey, delaware. 76 degrees in chesterfield, new jersey. ed connor climbing n such a fun day to be outside and enjoying nature and look at this great foliage picture that ed sent our way. look at that beautiful picture. you can see red leaves, looking great, that may be a mapel tree. not really big, on, you know, tree species but if you know what that is, feel free to chime n i could not think of the war. jeromy blue bell 71 degrees. eighteen for a high. covered pool too soon. 811 at jerry a's house. sound like a good day for late october swim if the pool is still opened. zero seven in newark, delaware. he sent us a photo and it looks beautiful. this is his pond with the gold fish swimming and enjoying a beautiful day. gold fish enjoying this warm, sunny day. that is at glass co park. that looks fantastic. thank you to our eyewitness weather watchers for climbing in on this beautiful day. we have heard the pictures as well. storm scan three is clear, you can see our next weather maker
5:49 pm
as we zoom out, things looking a little different as storm system moves through great lakes. this is producing snow across eastern canada we are not talking about snow here but cooler weather is coming in behind this front. boundary extend to portions of the deep south, portions of the central plains and cold air starting to push in behind it. we will definitely feel a notable cool down by end of the week and weekend. big difference monday morning, the temperature in philadelphia is starting 35 degrees, high today, 75 degrees, that is a 40-degree jump over course of what less than 60 hours or so, feeling fantastic outside. 74 degrees right the now in philadelphia. zero seven in millville. sixty-nine in the airport and 73 in reading. you can see cooler air. there that is boundary. seventy in des moines. eighty-five in st. louis. sixty-three in minneapolis. that cooler weather is starting to push back in. october so far we have had seven days of 15 degrees plus, 75 is not normal high for any day in october.
5:50 pm
it has been a warm month only four days with rain. high temperature 80. low temperature was monday morning at 35. as we head into tomorrow, sunshine nice and warm, but tomorrow night that front comes through and friday you'll feel difference. high pressure build from the north, sunny, cooler, breezy, then on saturday mostly sunny a few cloud creep in as this front a approaches and that will impact us on sunday. throughout overnight hours tonight feeling fantastic, 53 degrees, comfortably cool. tomorrow, sun, some cloud, warm and pleasant turning breezy in the afternoon and then big difference friday the sun still around but the the high only 62 degrees, saturday. sixty-three. another chance for showers especially early on sunday. we will send it back to you at the desk. >> thank you. tv viewers are much more likely then ever to end their cable or satellite subscriptions. >> as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find young viewers are leading the exodus. >> that is right, indeed recent study shows they are cutting the cord watching their tv shows in other ways
5:51 pm
and saving money in the long run. when josh horwitz and ellen saltsman watch tv they grab the remote but there is no cable becomes to point it at. everything they watch is on line. >> when i cut the cord, and went to cable i didn't feel like i lost out on very much. >> reporter: couple gets their tv shows from on line streaming services like netflix and hulu and they are part of the growing trend of people dumping cable. recent study find 3.7 percent of people plan to end their cable services up from 1.9 percent in 2011. that big push coming mostly from younger people who have never felt the need to have cable. >> i didn't even have a tv in college. a couple of my roommates did but i just use my computer. >> i imagine this will continue to grow. >> reporter: about 30 percent of the people quit cable because of the cost but almost half do it because they are happy with what they can find on line and that content continues to grow with more and more media companies
5:52 pm
offering streaming services. >> i do think this will be more coming in the year ahead and starting right now. >> reporter: cable and satellite companies are cutting rates in an effort to keep customers but analyst say that likely won't stop a steady stream of people from cutting the cord in the future. the survey also found that 61 percent of people with cable are interested in getting a smaller number of channels for lower price and maybe more telling, 20 percent of those surveyed said they never subside to a pay tv service ever. >> i'm telling you, it is just out of control. >> $140. >> i do apple tv and over the air antenna to watch us. >> big difference good went from 140 to 25 bucks a month. >> amazing. >> i'm watching more tv then ever. >> keep it on "eyewitness news" right here. >> yes. >> thanks, jim. >> stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news", babies are born prematurely and the mothers can feel lost and a alone this weeks story of brotherly love i'll introduce
5:53 pm
to you a mother of twins, herself, and she hopes other mothers get through that tough time. we will be right back.
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almost three years ago a delaware valley mother gave birth to twins at 28 weeks. for her it it was a very scary time. >> now her children are doing well and that mommies reaching out to help other mothers of premature infants. i met her in this weeks story of brotherly love. when michael junior, kate, and shay karen were born at 28 and a half weeks their mother, kelly, heran knew they would be in the the neonatal intensive care unit at bryn mawr hospital until they were strong enough to go home in media. >> i did not really understand
5:57 pm
howie mostly challenging it would be to act a you'll i have to leave them there. >> reporter: kelly struggled with guilt and fear. kerry knew exactly what she was going through. her twins, delaney and brooklyn were born in november d it left her with ptsd that she still struggles with. >> take us back. >> back and forth to the hospital, i call it zombie mode. i didn't know if i was coming, going, what day it was, if i ate, did i sleep, brush my teeth. i found a quote that said even in the dark moment love and hope are always possible. >> reporter: one thing that lifted her spirits a care package left on her doorstep. >> cute little clothes that were no larger than my hand and i actually got a smile on my face. >> reporter: kerry realized she could help other moms. she started a non-profit called sending love and hope. >> each baby got their own pack. >> reporter: delivering care packages to mothers like kelly, they include a journal, tiny hats, and onceys with a
5:58 pm
message made with love, sent with home. >> it is amazing when you find somebody that has almost exactly gone through exactly what you are going through. >> can you smile for me. >> of course. >> look at that smile. >> her twins turn three next month and they are doing great. kerry estimates she has given care packages to 30 moms so far, letting them know that they are not alone. by the the way kerry advocates mothers with ptsd. to find out more about end ising love and hope go to cbs love. such a beautiful thing. >> very nice. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 he makes a good case for why he could run for president, but vice-president joe biden says, he isn't going to do it. more reaction from his home state of delaware and outlandish tweet send by donald trump. giants fan taunting a growing crowd of eagles fans after machine night's game as walt hunter shows you police say he gets exactly what he asked for but officers are not
5:59 pm
happy. kate? it is another beautiful evening, here in philadelphia, the sunnies about to go below horizon putting a stamp on another perfect day we have more warmth on the way for your thursday but then some changes to report. i'll have your full forecast at 6:00. it is a fall favorite for many people, who visit local farms and orchards tonight a warning about carmel apples and how they can make you sick. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. well, eagles beat up on the giant monday night, trash talk after the game leads to a giants fan meeting the same fate at the hands of an eagles diehard. good evening. i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown entire fight was caught on video. "eyewitness news" walt hunter is at 69th street station where all of this unfolded,
6:00 pm
walt. >> reporter: eagles and giants battled on the field but their fans battled here at 69th street terminal afterwards. now septa police, looking at the video are hoping that you can help identify those involved. septa camera a along with at least, one phone camera, were recording, as a fan, wearing a new york giants jersey is punched in the brawl with a man, wearing eagles green. >> thinks a perfect example of the kind of behavior we cannot have happen on our sub waste systems. >> reporter: moments earlier septa cameras spotted the fan wearing quarterback eli manning's number ten, exiting an el train surrounded by green jerseys and jackets apparently exchanging word, before punches are thrown as they walk through 69th street terminal, on the way back from monday night's game but septa police say, so far, the identities of those involved in the brawl, including the phone video shooter who could be a valuable witness


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